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Fossil Jewelry

Lowcountry Geologic has a great selection of Fossil Jewelry, including shark tooth necklaces, shark tooth pendants, trilobite necklaces, trilobite pendants, ammonite pendants and ammonite necklaces. Just added recently to our fossil jewelry catalogue is the polished sand dollar jewelry.

Fossil Shark Tooth Jewelry

We have shark tooth necklaces and shark tooth pendants using both polished and natural fossil shark teeth. We choose only high quality fossil shark teeth with excellent natural color to make shark tooth jewelry. Lowcountry Geologic has shark tooth necklaces in 14 karat gold fill wrap and bails and also shark tooth pendants in sterling wrap and bails.

Fossil Trilobite Jewelry

Each trilobite we make into fossil jewelry is hand selected for appearance and quality and then carefully drilled for the sterling silver or 14 karat gold fill bail. The resulting trilobite necklaces and trilobite pendants are very attractive and have been just as popular as our shark tooth necklaces.

Polished Ammonite Jewelry

Ammonites often have an opalescent quality when they fossilize, so they are a natural choice to make beautiful ammonite jewelry. You'll appreciate the beautiful colors and details of these fossils. Each polished ammonite pendant is carefully selected for color and detail. The ammonite necklaces are available with both 14 karat gold fill bail and sterling silver.

Polished Sand Dollar Jewelry

Polished sand dollar pendants are the latest addition to Lowcountry Geologic's Fossil Jewelry catalog. The color and detail on these polished sand dollar necklaces is unmatched. The 14 karat gold fill or sterling wire wrap makes each polished sand dollar pendant a treasure unique unto itself.

Fossil Jewelry is a great gift idea and has a unique and beautiful style sure to impress even those who have it all. Choose from our catalogue of shark tooth jewelry, shark tooth pendants, shark tooth necklaces, trilobite jewelry, trilobite pendants, trilobite necklaces, ammonite jewelry, ammonite necklaces, ammonite pendants, sand dollar jewelry, sand dollar necklaces, and sand dollar pendants below. Click the fossil jewelry pictures to be taken to a complete selection.

Ammonite Necklace
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Shark Tooth Necklace
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