Giant Thresher Shark - Alopias Grandis Fossil Shark Teeth

Fossilized teeth of the Giant Thresher shark, Alopias grandis, are exceedingly rare and highly prized by collectors. Many shark tooth collectors are fond of this species because the giant thresher is one of the few species of extinct sharks capable of producing a tooth over 2 inches in lenth.

Alopias grandis teeth resemble several other fossil shark species. The giant thresher shark tooth is recognized by its distinct sickle shaped blade and U shaped root. Alopias grandis shares these traits with Parotodus benedeni, but the latter is much thicker and robust in comparison. Varous Mako species also can share the sickle shaped blade, but lack the extreme U shape in the root.

This catalog contains specimens of fossil Giant Thresher shark teeth, Alopias Grandis. Click the images to see more information about these Oligocene shark teeth.

Beaufort County, South Carolina, United States - Alopias grandis

Charleston County, South Carolina, United States - Alopias grandis

Summerville, South Carolina, United States - Alopias grandis

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Sphryna laevissima
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