Morocco Megalodon Shark Tooth

There is a trickle of megalodon teeth coming out of Morocco, better known for the gobs of Otodus teeth. Most of the Morocco megalodon teeth are very worn and of lower quality, and for the most part we've avoided them. Until recently, that is. We were able to purchase a handful of megalodon teeth from Morocco that are of such high quality that from looking at them, you would swear they came from Chile. This is one of the best Moroccan megalodon teeth we have. The enamel is beautiful and has some light marbling, the serrations are wickedly sharp, the tip comes to a needle-point, and the root is complete. The reddish brown bourlette is nearly 100% intact and even has some marbling. We doubt that we'll ever be able to offer megalodon teeth of such high quality from this obscure location ever again. If you want a nice one, this is it. Avoid the junk on the auction sites collect the best!

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Fossil Shark Teeth
Carcharocles megalodon
Pliocene Epoch
Fossil Shark Teeth
Giant White Shark Carcharocles Megalodon


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