Quality Fossil Shark Teeth for Sale

If you're looking for Fossil Shark Teeth for sale, you're in the right place. Lowcountry Geologic has thousands of top quality fossil shark teeth for sale from over a hundred different species of sharks. All of our Shark Teeth for Sale are Fossils - no living sharks were killed for their teeth, though we do sell fossilized versions of extant shark species. In our fossil shark tooth catalogs, you will find Great White Shark Teeth, Megalodon Shark Teeth, Tiger Shark Teeth, and many more.

Sharks as a group have existed for hundreds of millions of years. Sharks constantly lose and replace teeth as they feed. One study suggested that a Tiger Shark may lose as many as 30,000 teeth during its lifetime. Compound that over millions of individuals and millions of years and its easy to see why there are so many tiger shark teeth at least! Now extend that analogy across all sharks that have ever lived and you'll see why fossil shark teeth are the most commonly collected fossil in the world.

Great White Shark Teeth

Tiger shark teeth are cool, but then pale in comparison with great white shark teeth which grow to much larger sizes with some reaching over 3 inches along the slant. The Great White Shark is still living today and feeds on sea lions, seals, fish, whale carcasses, and other sharks. Scientists believe its diet hasn't changed much since it shared the oceans with Carcharodon megalodon, the most feared predator the ocean has ever seen.

Megalodon Shark Teeth

Megalodon Shark Teeth are simply awe inspiring. A single tooth from the Megalodon shark can reach well over 7 inches in length along the slant. See a real 7 inch megalodon shark tooth here. Megalodon grew to a size comparable to a jumbo jet, easily weighing over 50 tons. Some paleontologists think that this massive predator had to eat 1% of its body mass daily. What could sustain such a huge predator? The answer is whales. Yes, the Megalodon shark was so massive that its primary diet consisted of whales. The proof lies in the fossilized bones of these whales. Found all across the world, the bones show tell-tale proof of megalodon predation in gigantic gashes that fit the profile of a megalodon shark tooth perfectly.

Other Shark Teeth For Sale

Some fossil shark tooth collectors specialize solely in the teeth of Carcharocles megalodon (formerly Carcharodon megalodon), but Lowcountry Geologic stocks many species of fossil shark teeth for sale from all over the US and the world, ranging from the ice age all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs. Browse our Fossil Shark Teeth catalog below for a complete listing of shark species we have available.
Abdounia beaugi
4 Available
Carcharias koerti
11 Available
Hemipristis serra
5 Available
Hexanchus agassizi
1 Available
Hexanchus gigas
1 Available
Hexanchus microdon
4 Available
Isurus desori
6 Available
Isurus hastalis
9 Available
Otodus obliquus
42 Available
Squalicorax kaupi
2 Available