Fossil Plants, Leaves, Petrified Wood, and other Tree Fossils

Lowcountry Geologic has a great selection of fossil leaves, tree fossils, and other plant fossils. We only sell quality fossil plants. For every fossil leaf, cone, vine, seed, stem, or piece of petrified wood we add for sale, we reject many more. Each of our fossil leaves and other fossil plants have qualities like good detail, color, and definition that collectors and researchers require.

Click the plant fossil images below to see all available specimens of fossils leaves, petrified wood, fossil pine cones, and other plant fossils for sale on Lowcountry Geologic.

Acer lesquereuxi
1 Available
Davidia antiqua
6 Available
Ginkgo adiantoides
1 Available
Ginkgo cranei
10 Available
3 Available
Nyssa copeana
1 Available
2 Available
Platanus nobilis
1 Available
Platanus vitifolia
1 Available
Populus wilmattae
1 Available
Ulmus speciosa
1 Available