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Shark Teeth - Megalodon, Great White, Mako, Auriculatus, Angustidens, and more
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 12/28/2006
Lowcountry Geologic's latest update consists almost entirely of shark's teeth, including megalodon, auriculatus, angustidens, mako, great white, tiger, sand tiger, goblin, and more. The teeth are from Chile, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and California. The top shark teeth in this post are a 3 inch mako and a fantastically colored megalodon.

New Crinoids, Trilobites, Insects, Shark Teeth, Mosasaur, and Plant Fossils added
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 12/20/2006
Lowcountry geologic has added a wide variety of new fossils to the web site including new shark teeth, trilobites, plant fossils, echinoids, insect fossils, a fabulous fossil crab, fossil fish, some dinosaur teeth, a ray tooth, and some top quality mosasaur teeth.

New Shark Teeth, Trilobites, and Marine Mammal Fossils added to Lowcountry Geologic
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 12/6/2006

The newest updates have been added to Lowcountry Geologic. This is a diverse post that contains items from all over, including some new, never-before offered shark teeth species, as well as some old favorites and some previously out of stock items. As usual, the bulk of the post is shark teeth, but not all of it! We continue to add to our Trilobite and Plant Fossils sections.

From Morocco, we added a variety of Paleocarcharodon orientalis, the Pygmy White Shark, and some fantastic pathologic Otodus teeth including several that look more like medeval weaponry than fossil shark teeth. There are some new Isurus oxyrinchus from Chile, and for Micro collectors, the Cretaceous species Ricarddestasia gilmorei that are all under 5/16 inch long. There are some new Eocene teeth from Harleyville, SC, including some Hemipristis curvatus and Carcharocles auriculatus. From Russia, we added several different grades of Jaekelotodus trigonalis. There is a set of new Goblin shark teeth from Mississ ...




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New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic


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