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Super Shark Tooth Update
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 8/21/2008

New Shark Teeth Added

Today, Lowcountry Geologic posted a nice batch of new shark teeth to the website, Here's a click link to the latest updates.

The update includes:

Megalodon Shark Teeth - Big nice ones, including a spectacularly colored Summerville land megalodon over 5 inches. You've got to see it to believe it.

Angustidens Shark Teeth - More unprecedented quality. Top shelp specimens with incredible color.

High Grade Otodus obliquus in matrix - not the junk you see on the auction sites. High quality teeth in real matrix.

Parotodus benedeni - rare Oligocene specimens. Two of them even have side cusps.

&l ...

Broad Range of Fossil in Latest Update
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 7/4/2008

Lowcountry Geologic added a wide variety of fossils during the latest post. Here's a summary list:

Whale Teeth

Whale Ear Bones

Polished Sand Dollars

Fossil Horse Teeth

Dinosaur Teeth (Spinosaurus)


Pendants - Shark Teeth, Trilobites, Ammonites, and Sand Dollar

Fossil Shark Teeth

Fossil Starfish


Fossil Leaves

Fossil Shark Teeth added
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 6/24/2008

Its been a while, but Lowcountry Geologic has begun making updates to the web site again. This post is mainly fossil shark's teeth and there is something for everyone. Here's a summary list of the latest additions.

Fossil Megamouth Shark Teeth

Fossil Cow Shark Tooth

Fossil Nurse Shark Teeth

Fossil Great White Shark Teeth

Fossil Mako Shark Teeth

Otodus Shark Teeth - Pathologic and non

Fossil Megalodon Shark Teeth

Fossil Angustidens Shark Teeth

Fossil Goblin Shark Teeth

Here is a full list of additions of Fossil Shark Teeth.

New Fossil Fish, Shark Teeth, Ammonites, Dinosaur Teeth, and Fossil Leaves added
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 12/8/2007

Lowcountry Geologic been long overdue for a post. We tried to add a wide range of material this time around, including updates to our Fossil Fish, Fossil Shark Teeth, Ammonites, Dinosaur Teeth, and Fossil Leaves. We're sorry its been so long, but it takes time to scour the globe for fossils!

This update contains many high quality fossil fish from Lebanon, including some excellent Ctenothrissa and Apichthys. By far the star of the update is a complete


Updates to Shark Teeth, Echinoids, Crabs, Fossil Fish, and More
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 8/28/2007

Lowcountry Geologic has just completed another update to our website. Its been a while since our last post, so this update contains a nice mix of different fossils from all over the world.

Click here to see the update.

We have included some very nice megalodon teeth for shark tooth collectors. They are some of the best colored, large specimens we've ever obtained. We also added some top shelf Suwanee River auriculatus. They are big with great color and are very complete. We also replenished our Otodus stock with some large, high quality Moroccan specimens. We even added some beautiful polished Chilean mako teeth - perfect for jewelry! Oh, before we forget, don't miss the Summerville Mako over 3 inches.There's only one and its a beauty!

For echinoid lovers, we've added some new species to the site from Florida, California, ...


Shark Tooth Update 5-18-2007
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 5/18/2007 has been long overdue for a good shark tooth update. This post contains a great variety of material from all over. Included are some enormous Bone Valley Hemipristis from the Florida Phosphate mines, a pair of Super Quality Giant Thresher teeth from South Carolina, some Polished Chilean Makos, and more. We invite you to browse the entire selection and we hope you find something to your liking.

Updates to Fossil Crabs, Plant Fossils, Terrestrial Mammal Fossils, Fossil Fish, and Shark Teeth
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 3/30/2007

In February, Lowcountry Geologic went to one of the biggest fossil shows in the world in Tucson AZ. We brought back some truly fantastic specimens, and this latest post to our website includes some of the best fossils that we brought back.

Fossil Crabs


Big Updates to the Shark Tooth Catalog
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 3/22/2007

Lowcountry Geologic has just completed an updated to the website. This is an all shark tooth post with many fine specimens from all over the shark tooth universe.

South Carolina

  • Several Top notch Carcharocles angustidens from various river and land locations. The finest is a large 3 3/8 inches in near immaculate condition including the tip!
  • A couple of River Great Whites, Carcharodon carcharias.
  • A great selection of Carcharocles megalodon. From around 3 inches to 5 1/2 inches, these megs are all top notch speci ...

Shark Teeth - Megalodon, Great White, Mako, Auriculatus, Angustidens, and more
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 12/28/2006
Lowcountry Geologic's latest update consists almost entirely of shark's teeth, including megalodon, auriculatus, angustidens, mako, great white, tiger, sand tiger, goblin, and more. The teeth are from Chile, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and California. The top shark teeth in this post are a 3 inch mako and a fantastically colored megalodon.

New Crinoids, Trilobites, Insects, Shark Teeth, Mosasaur, and Plant Fossils added
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 12/20/2006
Lowcountry geologic has added a wide variety of new fossils to the web site including new shark teeth, trilobites, plant fossils, echinoids, insect fossils, a fabulous fossil crab, fossil fish, some dinosaur teeth, a ray tooth, and some top quality mosasaur teeth.



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New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic


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