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New Shark Tooth Update
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 7/25/2011
Today was probably one of our most diverse shark tooth posts yet! We added 128 new shark teeth to the site today - 22 different species from 6 different locations in Chile, Peru, and South Carolina.

Shark Tooth Update of Eocene Proportions
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 5/24/2011
This update includes only Eocene shark teeth from the SC Harleyville cement quarries. We put up a bunch of different species, including Auriculatus, goblin shark, thresher, tiger, tope, and even three exceedingly difficult to get Hexanchus. None of these quarries are open to the public to collect, so any material comes from old collections.

Lowcountry Geologic updates from May 24, 2011

Moroccan Shark Teeth and a New Style of Shark Tooth Pendant
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 12/4/2010

Shark Teeth
We've really added some nice specimens to our Moroccan shark tooth catalog from several different species, including several different types of sand sharks and some huge, super high quality Otodus.

Dinosaur Teeth
Morocco is not only known for shark teeth. The nation also boasts some pretty impressive dinosaur fossils. This update includes many different spinosaurus teeth.

Fossil Jewelry
Lowcountry Geologic just added a new style of shark tooth pendant with a sterling silver cap. Some are solid silver while others are appropriately decorated with sharks. They look sharp!

Whale Fossils
Check our marine mammal category and look for our new whale teeth, polished to a mirror shine to accentuate the exquisite detail just below the surfaces of their previous exteriors.


Mega Shark Tooth and Fossil Fish Post
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 11/10/2010

Fossil Fish
Lebanon produces some of the most amazing, highly detailed, diverse fossil fish and this update includes some fantastic examples of Ctenothrissa, Stichocentrum, Pharmacychithys, Aipichthys, and Europholis. Besides for these we also added a plate with both a fish and a lobster.

Shark Teeth
Want to see some gorgeous shark teeth? Click over to our latest updates to see the new megalodons, including a massive 6 inch + behemoth, a Summerville land found gem with amazing color, and several other nice river specimens. Don't miss the 4 1/4 inch angustidens from Summerville - with spectacular color and a really unique needlepoint-tip. One of the best Benedenis we've ever offered is up too - a copper stained Cooper river beauty.

Fossil Leaves
Don't miss these leaves from a new site in Montana. They have some of the best detail we've ever seen and ...


Shark Tooth and Fossil Jewelry Catalog Updates
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 7/8/2010

The bulk of this update focuses on collector quality fossil shark teeth. We've added great white teeth, partially serrated transitional great white teeth, super quality Carcharocles megalodon teeth and the mega-shark's ancestors Carcharocles angustidens and Carcharocles chubutensis. Also in this shark tooth post are several makos, including a champion specimen over 3 inches.

In our jewelry section new items include polished ammonite pendants, sand dollar pendants, and shark tooth pendants in both gold and silver. and shark teeth.

For a complete list of new additions, please visit

Lowcountry Geologic updates from July 8, 2010

New Fossils Added - July 1 2010
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 7/1/2010

This update adds new items to six different areas on our site - Shark Teeth, Trilobites, Mammal Fossils, Fossil Fish, Ammonites and Nautiloids, and Fossil Jewelry pendants.

Our update to the shark tooth category consists of a group of top shelf quality, large otodus from Morocco. Both matrix pieces and loose teeth are included.

To our Trilobites category we added six Moroccan trilobites, all different species.

Polished whale teeth from Scaldicetus and Kogiopsis along with Fossil horse teeth round out the additions to the mammal fossils.

To our fossil fish category, we've added four Green River formation fish and four Chinese fish (guaranteed authentic!).

We have also added several polished complete and split pair ammonites and polished nautiloids from Madagascar.

The largest catalog we updated was our fossil jewelry section, with both gold and silver wrapped shar ...


New Fossil Shark Teeth Added
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 3/11/2010

This update is focused on fossil shark teeth. We've added some new top quality megalodon teeth from South Carolina, including several 4 and 5 inch teeth. We also added several rare Parotodus benedeni teeth and a nice selection of Chilean great white teeth. Also look out for some nice Jaekelotodus and Isurus desori mako teeth.

For a complete list of new additions, please visit

Lowcountry Geologic 3-10-2010 updates

Fossil Fish, Dinosaur Teeth, Plant Fossils, Trilobites, and Mammal Fossils Added
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 3/3/2010

This update adds new items to five different groups on our site - Dinosaur Teeth, Trilobites, Mammal Fossils, Fossil Fish, and Plant Fossils.

To our Dinosaur Teeth category, we added some top quality dinosaur teeth, including specimens from Spinosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and a raptor known as Deltadromeus.

To our Trilobites category, we've added specimens from Morocco and Utah.

To our Mammal fossils category, we've added some great polished Mammoth tooth sections.

We've also added to our fossil fish category, including pieces from the Wyoming Green River formation and the Brazil Santana formation.

Finally, our plant fossils update includes some high quality, very detailed Utah Green River formation specimens.

For a complete list of new additions, please visit

Lowcountry Geolo ...

Quality, rarely seen Moroccan Megalodon and Auriculatus Teeth Available
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 11/20/2009

This update was primarily focused on Shark Teeth, and there are some nice ones! Fans of Eocene sharks' teeth will be very interested in Auriculatus teeth from two different locations, Harleyville SC and the Spanish Sahara region of Morocco. We've never offered the Moroccan Auriculatus before, and we don't have a lot of them but the ones we do have are fantastic! There are three Harleyville rics, one being over three inches in length and fantastic condition. The shark tooth offerings don't stop there - Lowcountry Geologic has also added some very high quality Megalodon teeth from Morocco. These are a relatively recent discovery from Morocco, and are by no means common like the Otodus teeth that have been for sale for years now. The Moroccan megalodon teeth were discovered at another location, and most are very worn. We bypassed the mediocre and went for the highest quality available. The ones we chose closely resemble the Chilean megalodon teeth that were on the market a few years ago. They are sharpl ...


Eocene Shark Teeth Added
New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic By host on 5/31/2009

Here's the latest update to! We've added two nice groups of shark teeth that are seldom seen.

The first group of shark teeth is from Eocene Kazakhstan, including some Striatolamia, Jaekelotodus, Isurolamna, Alopias, Mako, and Lamnid teeth. One interesting thing about each of these teeth is that they fluoresce wildly in black light. You have to see it to believe it.

Our second group of shark teeth is also Eocene in age, but from South Carolina instead, including Koerti, Alopias, Hemipristis, Goblin, Tiger, and an exceedingly rare and finely preserved Hexanchus agassizi.

This update also includes several dinosaur teeth, fossil fish, fossil lobsters, echinoids, polished whale teeth, and polished mammoth teeth.

See the complete update of fossil shark teeth and more fossils for sale.



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