Quality, rarely seen Moroccan Megalodon and Auriculatus Teeth Available
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This update was primarily focused on Shark Teeth, and there are some nice ones! Fans of Eocene sharks' teeth will be very interested in Auriculatus teeth from two different locations, Harleyville SC and the Spanish Sahara region of Morocco. We've never offered the Moroccan Auriculatus before, and we don't have a lot of them but the ones we do have are fantastic! There are three Harleyville rics, one being over three inches in length and fantastic condition. The shark tooth offerings don't stop there - Lowcountry Geologic has also added some very high quality Megalodon teeth from Morocco. These are a relatively recent discovery from Morocco, and are by no means common like the Otodus teeth that have been for sale for years now. The Moroccan megalodon teeth were discovered at another location, and most are very worn. We bypassed the mediocre and went for the highest quality available. The ones we chose closely resemble the Chilean megalodon teeth that were on the market a few years ago. They are sharply serrated with beautifully colored enamel, complete roots, and even sharp tips. Collectors of high end megalodon teeth will not want to miss this opportunity to acquire the best of the best Moroccan megalodon teeth.

In the Fossil Jewelry catalog, we added Shark Tooth Pendants from Chile & South Carolina and Ammonite Pendants from Madagascar.

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Lowcountry Geologic 11-20-2009 updates
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New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic


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