Moroccan Shark Teeth and a New Style of Shark Tooth Pendant
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Posted by: host 12/4/2010

Shark Teeth
We've really added some nice specimens to our Moroccan shark tooth catalog from several different species, including several different types of sand sharks and some huge, super high quality Otodus.

Dinosaur Teeth
Morocco is not only known for shark teeth. The nation also boasts some pretty impressive dinosaur fossils. This update includes many different spinosaurus teeth.

Fossil Jewelry
Lowcountry Geologic just added a new style of shark tooth pendant with a sterling silver cap. Some are solid silver while others are appropriately decorated with sharks. They look sharp!

Whale Fossils
Check our marine mammal category and look for our new whale teeth, polished to a mirror shine to accentuate the exquisite detail just below the surfaces of their previous exteriors.

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New Additions to Lowcountry Geologic


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